Couple Kayaking

New to Kayaking? Some Tips for Beginners!

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your canoe trip:

  1. Distribute the weight of the items correctly in the kayak. Place heavier items on the back of the kayak, lighter items in the middle of the kayak, or on the front of the kayak.
  2. Distribute the weight of the rowers correctly in the kayak. The heavier person should sit in the back of the canoe.
  3. If you have no experience in kayaking, then use paddles with one blade in one plane. Rowing in synchronous motion.
  4. The basic rule for kayaking is fun – don’t get tired! Canoeing should be done at such a pace that you do not feel tired. Take short breaks periodically – downstream or float.
  5. If you are traveling for a few days with all the essentials for a kayak (tents, sleeping bags, rugs, clothes, food, boats, etc.), schedule shorter sections of your daily swim. Remember that every day you will need to pack all the camping gear, pack it in kayaks, and when you arrive at the next accommodation you will have to unpack everything and set up your campsite again. As a result, leave more time for camping, which is an interesting part of the kayak.

So, you need to do:

Proper route selection. A very important decision when renting a kayak is the route. You can sail on rivers, lakes and mixed routes, so it is very important to first decide what kind of trip you want. Most participants should decide whether you want to swim in a river or a lake.

However, it is still important to specify the route. For example, river routes also include very active routes along streams and some slower for cognitive swimming.

Depending on the needs of your traveling companions, choose the route that works best for everyone, so that your traveling companions will have a good mood while swimming.

Respect of safety requirements. Canoeing is an active leisure activity, so proper safety is essential here. It is not uncommon to see kayaks where travelers do not wear life jackets. This is a big mistake. In order to have the most positive emotions on your journey, make sure you are safe for yourself and your traveling companions.

Always listen to a swim briefing before swimming, which will tell you how to deal with any unpleasant situations. Also, always follow the safety precautions to ensure your safety and that of your kayak friend.

Preparing for challenges. When kayaking, it’s important to think ahead. It is very common for one or more kayak riders to go out for such an attraction first.

Therefore, it is very important to inform your teammates in advance about what and how many items to take with you. The most important thing to keep in mind is that kayaking is an active pastime, so sometimes you may need to get wet or even turn over. Even if you have the best baitcaster combo you need to think, that your kayak can flip, so be ready always for impurities for example if larger fish were caught .

Therefore, first of all, what to take care of when swimming – spare clothes. Don’t forget to have a snack and have some simple raincoats to protect you from unexpected rain. Keep all items safely and securely in the trunk of your kayak, packed in a polyethylene waterproof bag. This way, you will be sure that your belongings will stay safe even when you turn your kayak. Remember that nature and water are not the place to take your valuables, phones or keys with you.